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More experience of authentic local foods & beverages

Kedai Locale adapts Indonesian cuisine which is innovatively presented in ethnic contemporary style, allowing guests to have more experience of authentic local foods & beverages. Kedai Locale affords guests the opportunity to enjoy local Indonesian cuisine and variety of coffee that is served in manual brew & espresso based.


Review from Our Precious Customer

Ajie T – Trip Advisor

“It’s one of the nice food corner in jakarta,, Room based on clasical wood decoration is gonna make you feel at high level resto plus comfort at the same time,, Serving menners are good enought,, And of course the important stuff is delicious dish,,(rib soup,rice with ‘oncom’,rosted ‘tape’),, With all of this luxury,obviously you can guess the prize”

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Ryan Wrehaspati – Zomato

“Maybe one of the best place to hang out in rawamangun, or even east jakarta. I love the ambience of this place. They have such a traditional menu combined with the concept of cafe which is also a suitable place for you who love coffee. I personally dont like coffee so i cant tell how good their coffee is. Instead, i ordered some kingsley, opor ayam, and soto daging. The portion is quite big, which is u can eat that opor and soto with 2 portions of rice with it because the 1st portion of rice still not enough to finish those indonesian dish. The taste is also quite good, and the price is a worth it one too. I would like to come back one day, especially if i want to hangout with friends”

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Kedai Locale is proudly serving local Indonesian coffee with its best quality. The pride of Indonesian culture and heritage, each month we introduce new single origins specially selected from Indonesia Region.

Variety of serving styles are also offered and served by our skilled baristas trained by proffesional instructors, promising a cup of excellence on every sip.

Suitable place for you who love coffee”


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